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Of course what makes this possible is the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.  Aka MAME.   There are other emulators, but this is the only one I am currently running.  It runs all of the games I care about and it does it very well.  I am using the mamepp.exe command line windows executable compiled for P6 optimizations.  For the front end I'm using EmuLoader.  I tried a couple of different front ends and this one seemed to be the most responsive (performance wise).  It does fault occasionally, but  I've never had mamepp.exe fault.


Emulator Links

URL Description As near as I can tell the "official" MAME site Online MAME chat room The EmuLoader frontend.   There is/was a link to some decent ICONS for EmuLoader someplace off of this link as well. Place to find those Screenshots, Titles, Flyers, and Cabinet files the frontend likes.  (They have icons too, but they sort of suck)
Links for most of the parts locations I used (other then the local hardware stores)

Parts Links

URL Description All sorts of arcade parts. The place to get good controller cards to use for the joysticks, buttons, trackballs & spinners The place to get spinners The new lightgun for some MAME games.  I've got to get me one of these! If you just want to buy something already built.

Other Links

URL Description A good site for general arcade cabinet building info.  Note that the prices listed here are not what I was able to find. The inspiration for building my Cabinet out of Oak A good how-to site


For Marquee links see the Marquee page.

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